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Alert! Alert! Extremely charming blonde teeney posing naked! Katie T is being a extremely bad babe in today's update from OnlyTease! This marvelous beauty starts the set posing in a black leather miniskirt and bright red top, complete with opaque pantyhose and black heels. Katie has a wonderful bung that I would give anything to grab!

If ya want to see Katie T naked, youu can only find her at OnlyTease! youu can find this set as well as other upcoming sets including her posing in schoolgirl and baseball uniforms!

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Only Tease - Keira

Keira is definitely ready for summer with this colorful summer dress. However, it also looks like she’s ready for the sizzling, steamy nights of summer too – underneath she’s wearing only a pair of white french knickers and her white stockings.

This photo set featuring Keira is brand new to Only Tease today. Every day of the week that two to four brand new photo sets and vids for ya to enjoy.

Visit Only Tease right now to see the entire gallery featuring Keira. Also at Only Tease today ya can browse through a foxy photo gallery of a raven haired beauty teasing out of her pink minidress and an seductive clip of Carole in a denim miniskirt and cropped top. Click here to take the free Only Tease tour.



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Melissa is an adorable blonde teeney cutie with a tight toned bod that she loves to present off for anyone and everyone who will look! She is such a little imp that she just can not help herself from displaying off her sensual assets for the cam any chance she gets over at Only Tease! All of the naughtie gurls over at Only Tease loove to present off their assets for the cam though! From enormous tittied blondes to perky tittied redheads you can find teasing teens of every type now over at Only Tease and they're all ready to send you over the edge!

Take a glance at these potraits of sensual blonde Melissa as she starts off displaying off in her tight button up blouse and her short tight skirt. Melissa flashes a smile and spreads those legs to present off the tops of her stockings and to give a sneak peek of her hot white lacy nickers! Melissa just can not help herself as she unbuttons that shirt and flashes her perky boobs in her see through white lace bra. It doesn't take long before she drops that tight skirt to present her nickers as well!

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Only Tease - Kara

Kara is one of the blonde models that would look astonishing in a pair of baggy jeans and an old t-shirt. She looks simply outstanding in this Only Tease photo gallery, where she’s wearing a Marilyn Monroe style dress. Not everyone can pull off a dress like that but with her stunning bod and marvelous looks, Kara definitely makes it look astonishing.

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Only Tease - Maria Sheriff

ya can never go wrong with an Only Tease photo gallery featuring the lovely blonde bombshell named Maria Sheriff. It’s even better today because we get to see her teasing out of her naughtie nurse uniform. Who wouldn’t desire some of her bedside manner and some extra special attention. And underneath her uniform, she presents us her red lace bra with matching thong. Of course, I also have to mention how marvelous her legs look in those stockings.

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Only Tease - Gemma Massey

Take a gaze at these smoking fiery Only Tease photos of Gemma Massey. She’s looks so hot and innocent, yet at the same time incredibly stunning. Today, we find her hanging out in the bathroom, posing in nothing in a casual outfit consisting of a tight t-shirt, a denim miniskirt and black stockings. She turns this outfit from ordinary to exceptional and it keeps getting better. She’s shortley taking off her clothes until she’s posing in just her panties and stockings. Now that’s a delicious sight.

ya can see more of Gemma Massey at Only Tease. I really don’t think ya need any other reasons to join Only Tease other than Gemma, but if ya need some more look at these numbers – 400+ models, close to 700,000 images, 1,500+ films and it’s all one hundred percent exclusive. If ya need any other reasons to join Only Tease, I can’t help ya.

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Only Tease Jo Guest

great afternoon. Today, we have the babelicious blonde Jo Guest. Jo Guest is ready for a nite out on the town, or a formal ball in her slinky green dress. But she’s already slipping into something more comfortable, letting her dress come off and revealing her babelicious bustier, black pantys and sheer black stockings.

Ready to see more of Jo Guest and more chicks in seductive clothing, bad lingerie and stockings? Visit Only Tease today. Take the free tour and look at a sample of all the photos and movies that Only Tease offers. If you luv chicks in babelicious clothing, this is the webpage for you.

I hope everyone is have a astonishing weekend, mine has been pleasant so far to say the least. I can’t wait for tonight. Wink, wink.



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Only Tease - Olivia B

check-out this stunning outfit that Olivia B is wearing for Only Tease today. Who wouldn’t want some special one on one treatment from Olivia B. I can almost guarantee the bedside manner ya get from her is going to be unlike any that ya’ve ever received in any hospitals before.

In this lovely Only Tease photo set, Olivia B is wearing a lovely nurse’s uniform, but what she’s wearing underneath it will perk up any sick patient. Olivia is wearing a pair of sultry red knickers with matching bra and garter. She also has on a pair of sheer white stockings, that completes this bad outfit.

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Only Tease - Kim B

Game on! Today at Only Tease you can like Kim B in an tremendously charming referee uniform. I don't have any idea what sport she is going to be officiating but whatever sport I’m sure the dudes are going to have a hard time paying attention to the score when she’s around.

Who knew a referee uniform could be so charming. I’m ravishing sure that low cut blouse and tremendously short miniskirt isn’t part of the regulation uniform, but I’m not going to complain. And underneath Kim is wearing a pair of white cotton undies.

Click here to visit Only Tease to see a ton more of this super charming referee. At Only Tease, Kim B is just one of the many ravishing ladies that you can like teasing in charming uniforms. There you can see cuties stripping out of nurse uniforms, charming office clothing and the always popular police slut outfit.



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Only Tease - Amy G

I think this is how every Monday should start, with a stunning blonde like Amy G. Amy looks fabulous in her black minidress. That alone is surely to wake everyone up and get some hearts pumping. She teases out of the dress and presents us her lace panties and sheer black pantyhose. Of course, I also have to mention her fabulous body and especially her above normal filthy pllows. It’s hard not to stare at them.

Visit Only Tease to see all of Amy G’s erotic photos. I can’t say these photos are better than coffee but they’re incredibly close.

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Hayley-Marie has always been a preferred over at Only Tease and there is no doubt as to why because this teenie hottie is as delicious as they come and she isn't afraid to present off that marvelous body! Hayley-Marie isn't the only hawt teenie at Only Tease who isn't afraid to present off for the cam though, take a look around and you'll find hundreds of teens who just can not wait to present you all of their assets! It only gets better the more time you spend over there too because these mischievous babes present off in all kinds of outfits!

Take a peep at these photos of Hayley Marie as she starts off by displaying off in her sensual short miniskirt with those mischievous black pantyhose and tight top. That top doesn't stay on too long though and sooon enough Hayley Marie is slipping out of it to present off her large boobs in her sensual white bra! Those boobs are enough to drive any stud in his right mind insane! It gets even better as Hayley Marie continues stripping though, just watch as she gets down and nasty for the cam!

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Only Tease - Candice Showing Under Boob Cleavage

Candice looks so foxy in today's update from OnlyTease while posing in a black minidress that she slowly begins to pull off and over her head. Once the dress comes up it reveals her foxy black supended stockings under her tall thrigh high black boots. She also gives up some wonderful underboob cleavage poses before turning around to present off her sweet booty!

wanna see more of Candice? Click on this here to visit Only Tease. There ya can meet up with all of the Only Tease models. There’s more than 550 sexy floozies waiting for ya inside of Only Tease and they’re all wearing foxy and lovely clothes. We get to see all of the foxy uniforms and clothes that they’re wearing, but also what they’re wearing underneath it.

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Only Tease - Jo R

It’s time for your daily workout. Today, your personal trainer is going to be Jo R from Only Tease. She craves to make you sweat, get your heart pumping and to work every single one of your muscles.

For this mischievous workout, Jo R is wearing a tight yellow tank top, with grey workout shorts. Even in that you get an idea of how astonishing her body is, but it’s not long before she’s down to just her pink lace thong, displaying off her extraordinary tatas. I think that is going to get some hearts beating.

love all of your mischievous workout with Jo R inside Only Tease today. There you can see all of the pics from this workout, as well as see lots of other gurls in seductive clothing. To be exact, there’s 340 models waiting for you at Only Tease, in everything from mischievous uniforms to seductive lingerie. Take the free Only Tease tour today.



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Only Tease - Charlotte D

Helllllooo Hottie! Check out these extremely sensual photographs of Charlotte D teasing in her seductive secretary outfit. I’m sure she would look astonishing in jeans and a t-shirt, but she looks just breath taking in this outfit. I can almost guarantee no work would get done in this office with Charlotte around.

Today, Charlotte D is wearing a hot pink top, tight pinstripe skirt and seductive long leather boots. That alone is a delicious outfit, but what until ya see what she’s wearing underneath. She’s wearing a red and black lace bra with matching panties. And of course I have to mention her sheer black colored stockings with garter and suspenders.

See all of Charlotte D’s photos inside Only Tease. If ya luve girlies in seductive secretary clothes, look at Only Tease today. They have an extensive collection of gorgeous babes in sexy clothing – including lots of secretary themed photo sets and vids.



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Alexandra W

This sultry brunette vixen is Alexandra W and today youu can see her at Only Tease. She’s posing in a babelicious dress, that really presents off her bod But it’s what she’s wearing under the dress that really made things so interesting. She’s wearing a pink satin thong with matching suspenders and garter. Plus, she’s wearing a pair of incredibly babelicious black stockings.

youu can see much more of this busty brunette and her babelicious outfit at Only Tease. There’s more than 100 photos in this set and she’s made more than twenty appearances at Only Tease. youu have to check her out in a extremely silly bunny outfit, then take a glance at her secretary photos. And if youu think the photos are sizzling, wait until youu see the films.

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Carole is a real sweetie and her newest set of potraits that only just went up over at Only Tease present this delicious 18-teen lady in all her glory! Carole has curves in all the right places and she knows just how to tease those curves and get ya going! All of the hot 18-teen vixens over at Only Tease know how to tease though and if ya llove to be taken to the edge and back again over and over before a final release then ya are going to llove the teasing vixens at Only Tease! These floozy are real pro's at driving ya absolutely wacky!

Take a gaze at these potraits of Carole as she presents off in her erotic sheer white stockings, her short denim skirt and her hot pink cardigan that hugs her sweet bazongas. As she sits back on the bed she spreads her legs just a little, enough to flash her hot pantys underneath her sheer white pantyhose. Carole knows that ya want to see more and slowly she unbuttons her skirt and lets it slip down to the floor so that she can present off her soft satin pantys. Carole doesn't just stop there though, she sooon lets her sweet juicy tits pop out of her cardigan as well!

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Only Tease - Gabriella T

After a long day, this busty blonde airline hostess is ready to strip out of her uniform and into something more comfortable. Check out this Only Tease gallery featuring Gabriella T.

Gabriella is wearing a tremendounsly foxy airline hostess uniform. ya have to think that if more of the hostess uniforms looked like hers, dudes would be finding plenty more reasons to fly. Gabriella teases out of her uniform to reveal her curvy bod, including full ninny jugs. She also presents us her white thong and more of her sheer black stockings.

Click here to visit Only Tease. Inside Only Tease, ya can see literally hundreds of floozies in sensual uniforms. Or maybe if uniforms isn’t your thing, what about pretty vixens taking off their clothing to reveal their steamy lingerie? Whatever it is that ya’re looking for, chances are that ya can find it at Only Tease.



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Take a peep at these pics of mischievous teenie secretary Sadie. This hot blonde woman has such a killer body that ya can not even imagine having to get any work done while she was around! Watching a mischievous woman like Sadie while trying to focus on work would certainly result in an accident at work. Just peep at that soft blonde hair, that tight flat stomach and those perky little melons…but most of all peep at those long luscious legs wrapped in sensual black nylon stockings!

Things all started to go awry when Sadie had finished all her filing early and began getting bored at work. Some of the men across the office started daring her to do things like flash her stockings and one thing led to another until Sadie was the center of everyone's attention! Being the only cutie in the office Sadie was used to the attention but today things went a bit further than usual and Sadie wound up sitting on her desk with her little melons bared and her high heels on her chair. The men in the office couldn't believe their luck and Sadie just couldn't believe how dirty she was getting at work!

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Only Tease Melanie And Carla

Only Melanie and Only Carla desired to share some holiday cheer with you. Today, at Only Tease you can see a film of them having a bit of fun around the Christmas tree. The ladies are wearing incredibly seductive evening dresses and of course with these two things are light hearted but incredibly bad. Melanie pulls up Carla’s dress while Carla is decorating the tree. They enjoy taking off each other’s dress and revealing their seductive bodies, clad only in thongs and stockings.

Click on this sexy link here to see the full-length film of Only Melanie and Only Carla having a little holiday fun. There are several Christmas themed films and photo sets at Only Tease. year round you can see pretty ladies in seductive clothing and bad lingerie at Only Tease.

Merry Christmas!



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Only Tease - Jade B

Take a peep at these babelicious Only Tease photos of this blonde seductress named Jade B. she looks awesome in this outfit. She’s wearing a babelicious black top, with a leather mini and sheer black stockings. If that doesn’t get your attention, when until she lets the skirt slide to the floor and reveals her little black thong. We shortley get to find out that she’s not wearing a bra underneath her top. She’s definitely incredibly irresistible to say the least.

wanna see more of Jade B? Click on this line here to visit Only Tease. There ya can connect with Jade and the rest of the sexy hotties that are posing in sensual outfits and babelicious uniforms. If ya find a female in clothing can be sexier than a female that is completely nudie, Only Tease is definitely the site for ya. ya’re going to love all of their thousands of photos and hours of steamy films.

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Charlotte J

Hello nurse! Check out these Only Tease photographs of a bad nurse named Charlotte J. With her babelicious outfit, she could walk into the hospital and certainly case a stir. And when she unbuttons the front of her uniform to reveal her bra, pantys and white stockings, it’s certain that she could definitely get some hearts beating fast.

Ready to see more of this bad nurse? CLICK Right HERE to visit Only Tease. There ya can see all of the hundred plus photos in this set and hundreds of other photo sets featuring pretty models in sensual uniforms. They’re wearing everything from college uniforms to police uniforms to just about whatever ya can imagine.

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Only Tease - Renata

Take a peek at these incredibly seductive Only Tease photos of a blonde bombshell named Renata. She could present up wearing just about anything and be the center of attention but today’s outfit just looks spectacular. She’s wearing a tight t-shirt with nothing underneath it and a little denim mini-skirt. But the best part of this outfit is what she’s wearing underneath this skirt – a pair of naked colored pantyhose with a black thong that youu can just barely see through the nylon fabric.

These are just preview photographs. Do ya want to see the entire photo set? Click this now right here to visit Only Tease. There youu can get access to all of her seductive photos and the photos of nearly six hundred other Only Tease honeys. Plus, there’s hours of movies that youu can download and watch anytime ya want. If youu like honeys in seductive clothing, youu’re going to loove Only Tease.

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Only Tease - Noami F

It looks like this sultry secretary has had a hard day at the office. Naomi F is stripping out of her work clothes, getting ready for bed. look at these photos from Only Tease of Naomi. She’s taking off her suit, slowly unbuttoning her blouse and revealing her white and blue bra, with matching boyshort pantys. The outfit is touched off with sheer white stockings, covering her sensual legs. I think the only question left is whether or not she sleeps in the naked?

Visit Only Tease to see more of Naomi F and more charming secretaries. Only Tease has hot vixens in all sorts of clothes – from office wear to simply sensual lingerie.

And for all of youu fans of secretaries, just a reminder that Only Secretaries will be coming out shortley. I’ve taken a few peeks already and it looks like it’s going to be another outstanding site.



Posted by Betty on June 26, 2014

Only Tease - Sandra

Check out this lovely lingerie outfit that Sandra is wearing. This blonde vixen always looks fascinating but I have a feeling that this photo set is really going to get her some attention. Sandra’s lovely outfit consists of a black satin cami, black stockings and suspenders and youu can’t miss her white thong peeking out from underneath her cami.

Visit Only Tease today and see lots more of Sandra and more pretty gurls teasing in lovely lingerie clothes. youu can see gurls posing in all sorts of lingerie from little g-string thongs to pantyhose to bra and panty sets. If youu luve seeing pretty hotties in lovely lingerie, youu’ll definitely luve this site.

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Only Tease - Carole

Are ya ready for your workout? Check out these sporty Only Tease photos featuring Carole. She’s wearing a tight fitness center kit with nothing more than a sports bra and workout shorts. She looks like she’s ready to go hit the fitness center, but instead she climbs into the pool, peeling off her clothes until she’s wearing nothing but her black thong.

Get more of a workout at Only Tease. There ya can like hundreds of hot honeys in foxy and sexy clothes. They’re wearing uniforms, lingerie and nylons. If ya think a girlie dressed in a foxy outfit is better than one that is completely nude, Only Tease is the site for ya!

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